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We manufacture a wide variety of styles in an unlimited range of sizes.
This page is designed to educate you about what is available
from Corpad Company, your any size, any manufacturer.
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RSC (Regular Slotted Carton)

  This is the most common style manufactured today. It is a sturdy container, perfect for many applications.  

  A 2 piece RSC  is one that, due to size constraints requires 2 stitched joints instead of the typical single application.  A 2 Part RSC is common place throughout the box industry and in no way diminishes the strength and integrity of the container.

FOL (Full Over Lap) 

 Similar to an RSC, but the flaps overlap all the way.  This box is great for heavier objects, or for smaller carton widths.

HSC (Half Slotted Carton) 

This is a box without a top (or bottom if flipped over). It can be made as a telescoping top and bottom box or for a box you need to get in and out of frequently.

5PF (Five Panel Folder) 

 This  box  is great for flat objects.  It can also be assembled a little differently for end loading long items.  You can set it up by using glue, tape or staples.

OPF (One Piece Folder) 

 One piece of board is cut so that it provides a flat bottom, with flaps forming the sides and ends, and extensions of the side flaps meeting to form the top.


 This carton has extra scores below the slots.  Simply cut the slots to the next score and its depth becomes smaller.

Rotary and Flat Die Cutting 

 The die-cut packaging:

  The die-cut containers are manufactured on a die-cutter that cuts and creases the board. It is usually reserved for a more sophisticated pack style.
  This process requires a tooling die that can be mounted around a cylinder, in which case the machine is called a rotary die-cutter, the other variant is called a flatbed die-cutter. As indicated by its name its die is flat.

  Once the converting process is over, the corrugated packaging is put on a pallet and can be delivered to the customer.

Tray (or Lid) 

 This is like a beer tray. Turn it upside down and it becomes a lid for an HSC.

Pads &Partitions

 Pads are plain rectangles of corrugated.  They can be used to fill the space between the inner flaps of an RSC, to completely cover the bottom or top of a box, or to separate layers of product. 

 Partitions provide a separate cell for each item in a box.