Corpad Company, Inc. Mansfield, Ohio

"Know What Flute
is Best for Your Project"

When you are choosing a box for your project, don't forget the importance of choosing the right flute, too. They do differ and, like boxes, each offers specific advantages.

FLUTE is merely the inverted "S" formation that comprises the board's corrugation.

First lets look at a cross-section profile of three basic types of flutes: C, B and E.


Flutes Per Foot: 39
Thickness: 11/64"

* Good Stacking Strength
* Crush Resistant
* Common Material
* Uses include Glass, Furniture and Dairy


Flutes Per Foot: 47
Thickness: 1/8"

* Good Puncture Resistance
* Takes Up Less Warehouse Space
* Uses include Canned Goods & Displays


Flutes Per Foot: 90
Thickness: 1/16"

* Light Weight
* Strong Alternative to Paper Board
* Excellent Printing Surface
* Great for Custom Die Cut Boxes
* Uses include Displays & Point-of-Purchase Boxes

Corrugated Fibreboards
Now lets look at corrugated fibreboards.
There are three basic types: Single Wall, Double Wall
and Triple Wall.

These fibreboards are built from a combination of flutes.
Each one has individual strengths and advantages.

Single Wall Corrugated Fibreboard

* A popular choice because of its wide range of strengths.
* It is available in strengths
125 lb. - 350 lb. test.

Double Wall Corrugated Fibreboard

* Made up of B and C Flutes.
* It is available in strengths
200 lb. - 600 lb. test
and is great if you are stacking heavy items.
* If you need extra padding and strong boxes -- double wall is your choice.

Triple Wall Corrugated Fibreboard

* Made up of two layers of A Flute and one layer of C Flute.
* This fibreboard is obviously very strong and crush resistant due to its makeup. This board is excellent for storage and transit projects.