Corpad Company, Inc. Mansfield, Ohio

At Corpad Company, we know that value added service is an element lacking in the corrugated packaging industry.  If a product is needed now, you may end up waiting up to two weeks and then finally get something that isn't a custom fit.  That is not the case with Corpad Company.  We offer you the highest quality at a competitive price with unbeatable service.  



    Our mission at Corpad Company, Inc. is to provide customers with the best possible value added service available. Our service starts with the design and is sustained throughout each step of the relationship.
    Our proven strategy is to establish long-term relationships with our customers that assist in developing the most cost effective product available. In addition, we will provide quality production service and effective communications. 


Competitive Prices
Our prices are very competitive.  Quotes are all inclusive and will never have additional charges for such items as distribution.  When you receive a quote from us, it will be the bottom line price.


Product Variety
There are certain corrugated products beyond boxes that some companies just won't produce.  Such items are assembled and unassembled partitions, build-ups, die-cuts as well as die-cut buildups.  Corpad Company opened in 1980 focusing on the difficult and tedious tasks which nobody else wanted to do.


No Minimum
Most corrugated companies have a minimum amount of square feet needed to get them started.  At Corpad Company, your order will be filled at a competitive price no matter what quantity you need.


Whether you need an original design or a redesign, the expertise of our design team is second to none.  We can, and will, package anything you need, from the simplest one-part item to the most complex multi-part product.  Ask about some of our latest packaging innovations.  Also, be sure to ask about the use of environmentally correct corrugated instead of other materials which are non-biodegradable. 


From singlewall to triplewall, chipboard to openface, microboard "F" flute to high crown "A" flute, we will supply the right test material and flute for your specific packaging application.


Whether you require linerboard with a vibrant color, a non-abrasive or anti-skid wax coating or a fire-preventive application, we offer coatings that can further enhance the overall integrity and decorative quality of those special packaging projects.


The burden of cumbersome and awkward hand-assembly of partitions, stitched trays, auto-bottoms, corner posts and attaching large cartons to skids can be shifted from your plant to ours.  We have the experience to successfully tackle most assembly tasks.


The key to Corpad Company's success is your confidence that the order will be delivered on time.  You will know that you are working with quality people who act responsibly towards common goals - quality product, competitive price and on time delivery.


We buy from a variety of corrugated sheet suppliers which allows us to pick from among them for the highest quality of product and service for your particular application.  Your product is closely inspected, handled, and overseen during every step of the production process by people who know the corrugated industry.  They care about achieving the highest quality possible for the finished product.


Tired of waiting three and four weeks for those items you needed yesterday?  At Corpad Company we warehouse items, allowing us to keep your products in inventory and ready to ship when you request them.  This also leaves your floor space free for more profitable production.  When you need that item tomorrow, we will have it available and ready to deliver.


Corpad Company - A Quality Supplier
Take advantage of our design expertise to examine entire corrugated product line for possible consolidations which can result in drastic price savings.  Our existing customers will tell you that we are a quality supplier in every respect.  We would like to add your company to our growing list of satisfied customers.


For further information or to receive a competitive quote, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at

419  522-7818